PM Fresh

CRI have worked with PMFresh Pty Ltd over the past decade, carrying out service and maintenance on their existing plant along with installing equipment as their business has expanded.

More recently, a 3 compressor Bitzer Refrigeration rack system was installed for their production chilled water and Glycol requirements. The Rack consisted of a factory wired switch board with the lead compressor being controlled by an inverter in conjunction with a Guntner V block condenser with EC fan motors. This particular setup allows for precise system operation and efficiency.

The chilled water system supplies 1 degree water to the wash baths through twin oversized shell and tube heat exchangers, controlled by an evaporator pressure regulating valve, which ensures the coil is unable to ice up. These twin heat exchanger’s were mounted onto a remote pump station to accommodate the buildings layout.

The glycol system was also mounted onto a remote pump station and a brazed heat exchanger was used. The glycol is pumped to a dynamic heat exchanger that circulates the water from their cooked chilled process and cools the incoming product from 90 degrees to less than 5 degrees within a 5 minute cycle. 

The rack, chilled water and glycol circuit are also interfaced with the PMFresh control system that automatically sends out an alarm if an over temperature or system fault occurs.

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