PFD Food Services

CRI were approached by PFD Food to assist with the refrigeration requirements for their new Kewdale production facility. Working closely with their local representative over a two year period a final design concept was conceived to ensure that PFD’s high standards of temperature control and quality assurance was met. 

The plant was installed using a 5 compressor Bitzer Refrigeration R134A rack system with the lead compressor operating with pulse modulation capacity control, this ensured for smooth and efficient system operation. The rack system also cools the freezer system liquid refrigerant; this shifts the energy from the low temperature system to the medium temperature system where energy consumption is lower.

The new facility also required a positive air system within the refrigerated production area to ensure that no outside contamination could be introduced to the food product. To achieve this, filtered ambient air was needed to be pressurised into the areas and then exhausted, this air also needed to be cooled to the working room temperatures. To keep power consumption low, air to air heat exchangers were installed, by using the cooled waste exhaust air to help to lower the warm incoming ambient air and then trimming the final air temperature to the room temperature with mechanical refrigeration CRI estimates that we reduced the plant capacity by approximately 60HP.

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Positive Air System